Can I keep my current number if I switch to JIM Mobile?

– Updated

Yes, that’s perfectly possible. Choose this option when you go online and order your JIM Mobile SIM card. We will need some information from your current provider (e.g. phone number, SIM card number, etc.) to transfer your number to JIM Mobile.

Note: your current SIM card number must be at least 18 digits, contain no letters, and start with 8932. You will find this number on the back of your SIM card, in your device settings, or you can ask your current provider.

Does your transfer involve terminating a subscription with your current service provider? There is no need for you to cancel this as we will do this during the process. This does not cost anything, although your last period of service will probably be invoiced in full by your current provider. If you combined a subscription with a smartphone, you will need to pay off the residual amount for said smartphone according to your current provider’s depreciation table. It is best to check the terms and conditions of your current provider.

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