How do I know whether my text message was received?

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Once you send a text message, you can find it in your usage in our customer zone or via the JIM Mobile app. It is not possible to receive a confirmation report.

Have you noticed that you cannot text a particular number? If so, ask the recipient to delete your number from their contacts. It’s possible that it has been accidentally blocked. Are you not able to text at all, but you do have an active bundle/calling credit? Check that your text message centre is configured properly. To do so, use our settings guide.

Is this not helpful? Then we recommend the following tests:

Switch off your device and remove the battery (if possible). Put the battery back in the device and switch the device back on. Is the problem still not solved? If so, check whether the text message settings are correct. Our settings guide will help you with this.

If you still cannot text, test the SIM card in another device to check that it actually works. Afterwards, insert your JIM Mobile SIM card back in your original device, test again and see whether you can send/receive text messages.

Still no solution? If so, please contact the JIM Mobile helpdesk at the email address or on the free number 1984.

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