What are premium numbers and how much do they cost?

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Premium services are usually associated with special phone numbers that start with 090 or 070. A premium text message service consists of a short number of 4 or 5 digits. To unsubscribe to such a text message service, text STOP to the text message phone number in question. You will find the charges for this type of number under the heading ‘other services’ on your invoice or payment invitation.

Special phone numbers

  • 090x (calls to all 090x services)
  • 0905 (games, contests, logos, ringtones, leisure products/services, etc.)
  • 09051 (TV games)
  • 1xxx – free services
  • 2xxx – other
  • 3xxx – other
  • 4xxx – public and commercial services
  • 5xxx – ringtones, logos, and games
  • 6xxx – ringtones, logos, and games
  • 61xx – TV games
  • 7xxx – adult
  • 8xxx – free services
  • 9xxx – subscription services

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