I am transferring my number with a prepaid card to another operator. What about my remaining calling credit?

– Updated

From 3/1/2023, you have the right to request a refund of the remaining calling credit of the number in question. Some notes:

  • You can only request the refund if you immediately transfer the number of the prepaid card in question to another operator. If you terminate the number, there will be no refund of calling credit.
  • It only concerns calling credit you have purchased via a top-up. The MEGASURF mobile data bundle will not be refunded.
  • Keep in mind we will deduct the amount of € 5 for administration costs from the remaining calling credit. This means that amounts lower than this will not be refunded.
  • You must request the refund within 1 month of the transfer to the other operator.
  • The refund will be done in the same way as the calling credit was purchased: via bank transfer or credit card.
  • After approval of your request by JIM Mobile, the refund will be done within 2 weeks after your request.

You can request your refund by emailing to info@jimmobile.be. Make sure to correctly include the mobile number in question so our helpdesk can get to work straight away.

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