What happens when my bundle has completely expired?

– Updated

You will always receive an alert from us when your bundle has almost expired (80%) and when it has completely expired. However, you can still continue to call, text, and surf out of bundle. The standard rates in Belgium and the EU out of bundle are € 0.10/MB and € 0.20/minute.

Do you have a BINGE subscription? If so, you can continue to call, text, and surf out of bundle at these standard rates: € 0.008/MB and € 0.08/minute with a € 10 BINGE, € 0.005/MB and € 0.075/minute for a € 15 BINGE, and € 0.005/MB and € 0.06/minute for a € 20 BINGE subscription.

Additional costs will be charged on your subsequent invoice or payment invitation.

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