What should I be careful about if I need to identify myself for a prepaid card?

– Updated

Watch out for people who act as if they are the service provider so that they can acquire and misuse your personal data and documents.

JIM Mobile does not:

- Ask for your personal codes, such as your password or the PIN code for your identity card.

- Call you on the phone and ask for your personal information.

- Call or text you from a foreign number.

- Contact you (by phone, text message, voicemail, email, etc.) and ask you to call JIM Mobile back on a foreign paid phone number or any number with a surcharge.

- Ask you to identify yourself in a manner different than described on our website (i.e. in another manner than payment using Bancontact).

- Forward you to an insecure website (‘HTTP://’ instead of 'HTTPS://’) or one that does not fall under the domain name of the official JIM Mobile website.

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