How can I listen and save my old voicemail messages?

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During the night of July 11 to 12, we will transfer the voicemail of all Mobile Vikings numbers to a new platform. Would you still like to listen to your old voicemail messages? You can do so until September 30, by calling the free number 0456191944. Side note: would you like to keep these recordings? Then it is important that you make a recording of these voicemails before this date so that you can save them in another way.

How to easily record voicemail messages?

You can do this by making a screen recording of the voicemail message(s).

With an iPhone, you do this by swiping down in the top right corner so that the control center appears. At the bottom left, you'll see the screen recording button (a circle within a circle). If you hold that button down, you can see if your microphone is on or not. The microphone should definitely be off since you want to record the sound of your device. By briefly pressing the button, you start recording after the three-second timer expires. Stopping is done the same way. 

With an Android device, you do this by swiping down twice at the top of the screen. Then click on the screen recording button (a circle within a circle). If you don't have the feature, tap Edit and drag Screen Capture to your Quick Settings. Choose what you want to record and tap Start. A timer counts down and then the recording starts. Be sure to include the audio or you will only see the image. To stop recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the screen recording button again. 

You can also record voicemail messages by using the dictaphone app on another phone to make a recording of the voicemail you would like to save.

Making recordings using certain apps is no longer possible due to GDPR measures.

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