What is VoWifi and how can I use it?

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In addition to VoLTE, we also offer VoWiFi. It works the same way, but with Voice over WiFi your smartphone uses your WiFi connection for incoming and outgoing calls. Are you in a place without coverage, but with a WiFi signal? The perfect time to use VoWifi.

What are the advantages?

Problems with your call connection are a thing of the past with VoLTE and VoWiFi. There is no additional charge for using VoWiFi. In fact, VoWiFi calls are billed like mobile calls on the network, depending on your priceplan. Furthermore, with VoWiFi you get the same benefits as with VoLTE: perfect sound and a better connection.

How do I use it?

It is very simple, all you need is a compatible smartphone and a Wifi connection. During your call, your smartphone will automatically connect to the most suitable network to give you the best possible calling experience. If your mobile coverage is good, you will use the 4G network. Is the 4G coverage too weak? Then the device will switch to Wi-Fi and your phone call will continue. When leaving the area with weak coverage, the device will switch back automatically and your call continues.

Please note that VoWifi is unfortunately not available on all smartphones. You can check whether your device supports this via the settings:

  • Android: Open the Phone app (the standard app for making calls) > More options > Settings >
    Move the slider next to Wi-Fi Calling to the right to activate it or to the left to deactivate it.
  • iPhone: Go to Settings > Mobile network (or Cellular) > Wi-Fi Calling > activate or deactivate Wi-Fi Calling on this iPhone. If a pop-up appears, tap Enable. Reboot your device.
    • No Wi-Fi calling option? Go to Settings > Phone. The option should now appear. Reboot your device.

Are these settings not visible? That probably means that your smartphone does not support VoWifi.
VoLTE might be a good solution if it's available on your device. More info can be found here.

Good to know:

  • Activating VoWifi is free, but if you call, these minutes will be deducted from your bundle (just like a normal call).
  • VoLTE is not available abroad.
  • For all calls to international and premium numbers or calls outside your bundle, normal rates apply. More info can be found here.
  • Both Vikings with a subscription and a prepaid card can use VoWifi.
  • When calling via VoWifi, you may see Proximus as a network on your device. No worries, this has to do with the fact that we use the Proximus network.

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