What is visual voicemail and how does it work?

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With visual voicemail you get a convenient overview of your voicemail messages in a visual inbox on your phone. Similar to your email inbox, in other words.

Its main advantages:

  • You decide which voicemail message you want to play first without calling 1933 and having to go through a long selection menu.
  • You get a notification for each new message.
  • For each voicemail message, you see the name of the sender, the date and time.
  • From this visual inbox, you can easily delete a message, save it directly to your phone or even forward it.
  • You can always turn visual voicemail off or on yourself via your phone's settings, or by calling 1933 (on iPhone).
  • Your new messages also remain available via 1933. For new messages, you will no longer be notified via SMS, but via your phone app.

Visual voicemail messages use data: Wi-Fi or mobile data. For a 30-second message, this would be 28.35 Kb, or (brace yourself) 0.02835 MB. Which is very little data. If you don't have Wi-Fi or your mobile data bundle has run out:

  • for mobile subscriptions: this will incur a minimal out-of-bundle charge of € 0.10/MB on your next payment invitation/invoice, unless you have set the out-of-bundle cost limit to € 0 for that particular phone number. In the latter case, you can also deactivate your visual voicemail and use classic voicemail.
  • for prepaid cards: this amount will be deducted from your calling credit

When will visual voicemail be available?

From April 2024, we will start the automatic rollout of visual voicemail for the various Android phones. From autumn also for iOS devices, for which we depend on Apple. If you prefer to use classic voicemail, you can of course switch visual voicemail off.

It's quite a challenge to provide a concrete timing: we do not only have to follow the pace of Apple (for iOS) and Google (for Android), but also that of manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Google,... As soon as visual voicemail is active for a specific phone number, we will of course inform you personally.

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