How can I terminate my JIM Mobile subscription or prepaid SIM card?

– Updated

If you want to keep your number, your new provider will take care of everything. You do not have to terminate anything with us. Do you want to terminate your number completely? You can do so via the customer zone. If you have a prepaid SIM card, it suffices to stop topping up. Your number will then automatically expire.

Some tips:
  • Use up your remaining calling credit and bundles first, as you can't transfer them to your new provider.
  • Are you canceling a subscription? Then you'll receive a final bill.
  • Are your contacts saved on your SIM card? Make sure that you copy them to your device first before switching SIM cards.
  • If you terminate your number, you have 30 days to transfer it to another provider. If you don't, the number can no longer be recuperated. 
  • Not satisfied with your new provider? We'll welcome you back with open arms! 

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